Registered IP, enforcement and IP deals in China


Start: 26.11.2012
End: 27.11.2012


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Munich, Germany

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These topics will be presented using four of the twenty ip4inno modules specifically designed to equip business advisors and other intermediaries (e.g. technology transfer officers) with an understanding of intellectual property issues as they impact SMEs and new businesses. These modules have been developed by experts in their field, and we are pleased to announce that the authors of some of these modules will themselves be the lecturers at this workshop. In the future we hope that you too will become a trainer with these materials!

Those receiving training as part of this programme will be able to take what they have learned and organise training events of their own to local business advisors, SMEs and start-ups.

Participants at this course will be given access to the full suite of training modules and support materials on the ip4inno website. These modules are subject to revision, expansion and translation in the coming year, providing a pool of over sixty teaching hours of material which is free to use and adapt by registered trainers. The modules cover the full range of IP basics, using patent information and other IP databases for competitive advantage and commercial intelligence; licensing; valuation and financing; enforcement and dispute resolution; case studies and problem exercises; IP issues for particular industry sectors; and how to convince SMEs of the relevance of IP to their business.

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Module 1A Patents and utility models

A detailed look at patents and their close cousins utility models. The criteria for patentability (what can and cannot be patented) will be explained. The various application options will be described as well as their consequences for a business. (180 minutes)

Module 1B Registered trade marks and designs

A detailed look at registered trade marks and designs which can be of crucial significance to distinguish services and products in the market. The criteria under which these rights may be registered, and the role they can play in supporting a business model will be discussed. (180 minutes)

Module 4F IP deals in China

Prepared by experts from the China IPR SME Helpdesk, this module looks at the particular issues facing European businesses as they venture into this huge but distant market. The module will focus on technology transfer across borders and cultures, and also give some insights into the rapidly developing IP system and enforcement regime in China. (180 minutes)

Module 5C (and support exercise from 5B) Enforcement and ADR for patent disputes

An overview of the options available when disputes break out over patents - entitlement, opposition, validity, infringement and licensing. This will include discussion of litigation, and some often unpublicised alternatives like mediation and arbitration which can be quicker, cheaper, confidential and preserve business relationships. (90 & 90 minutes)

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EUR 250 The fee cannot be split and is not refundable if cancellation is requested less than 28 days before the start of the workshop. The fee covers seminar material and catering for the whole event. To be accepted as a participant you should be coming from a recognized business advice or support service, or otherwise demonstrate an ability to pass on what you will learn through further trainings you will organize. Participants are expected to arrange their own travel and accommodation.


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EPO Munich - Erhardtstr. 27 - 80469 Munich


Yasmin Siedsma
European Patent Academy
Erhardtstr. 27
80469 Munich
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