Licensing Intellectual Property for business advisors (VCLs on ip4inno Module 4C)


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This series of four one-hour virtual classroom lessons will introduce one topic from the twenty-one ip4inno modules specifically designed to equip business advisors, TTOs and other intermediaries with an understanding of Intellectual Property issues as they impact SMEs and new businesses. The four virtual classroom lessons intend to be consecutive parts held once a week over a period of four weeks. They are focused on IP-licensing-practice and provide tips and tricks in this area.

The virtual classroom tutor will be Mark Anderson, Solicitor and Partner of the UK-firm Anderson Law LLP.

More information on the ip4inno project can be found on the ip4inno website.

There will be one application for all four virtual classroom lessons.

The virtual classrooms are embedded in the distance learning course "Licensing Intellectual Property for business advisors". They will be recorded and released in the course room where you can watch the recordings as often as you like. After receipt of your payment you will get access to the on-line course.

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What kind of licence agreement do you need? (VCL 1/4)

12 November 2012, 14:00 CET time (13:00 UK time)

Make use of Intellectual Property and earn the revenues. Licensing is one of the major business strategy tools. This first session of the webcast-series will give you an overview on the possibilities you have when thinking about licensing. When do you need a license or when to use a license? What kind of license do you need? What is important for whom (variations between business sector and types of IP)? All these general questions will be answered by a known expert and lecturer on international Intellectual Property transactions.

Detailed licence terms: licence grant and payments (VCL 2/4)

19 November 2012, 14:00 CET time (13:00 UK time)

Increase your knowledge on licensing agreements. In this second session of the VCL series on Intellectual Property Licensing an insight on the core issues in licensing contracts, about the "what", the "where" and the "how", will be obtained. The subject-matter of the grant of license (scope, conditions, sub-rights, etc.) and everything around payments (types, terms and other payment issues) will be addressed. Also hear examples of do's and don'ts in license clauses as well as payment related practice points.

Detailed licence terms: warranties and performance (VCL 3/4)

26 November 2012, 14:00 CET time (13:00 UK time)

This third VCL is the follow-up of the second online-lecture relating to the core issues on IP-licensing. Warranties by the licensor and performance obligations on the licensee can be sensible topics. What promises can or should you give as a licensor? More general or specific obligations for the licensee; best efforts or reasonable efforts, which ones to prefer? Indemnities, what is appropriate? Just listen and see, how to approach these issues to reach a win-win-situation.

Termination, law and jurisdiction, other boilerplate (VCL 4/4)

3 December 2012, 14:00 CET time (13:00 UK time)

In this last VCL further important issues on safeguarding the rights, whether as a licensor or as a licensee, will be discussed. Topics, such as "How long can the licensed Intellectual Property Right be used?", will bring you an understanding on essential frameworks of a license: duration, termination, law and jurisdiction, but also of boilerplates in the area of such IP-contracts. Questions such as "What happens upon termination of the agreement" will also be tackled as "What's wrong with some related wordings and/or clauses". Maybe you will hear some negotiation tips too. Who knows. We can just say, you will be challenged by the lecturer...


With regard to the technical requirements you will not need to upload any additional software. You will simply need a computer with an internet browser and a high-speed broadband internet connection. Please also check the security settings on your own local Firewall so that you can have access. For more information please read our "VCL guidelines for participants".

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