EPO Online Services workshop in the UK


Starts: 30.04.2013 at 09:30
Ends: 30.04.2013 at 15:30


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London, United Kingdom

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This practical session will give participants valuable hands-on experience of the EPO Online Filing and Online Fee Payment tools (version 5).

Participants will be shown how to generate, process and dispatch the EP(1001E2K), Euro-PCT(1200E2K), EP(1038E), opposition and appeal forms, and be given an introduction to the PCT/RO101 form and to electronic filing at the UKIPO. Participants will also be shown how to manage their deposit account and pay fees electronically.

Lastly, attendees will learn how to receive communications from the EPO electronically via the Mailbox and how to use My Files tools.

This session will be on starter level, i.e. intended for users with no or little experience of the Online Filing software.

Target groups

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Entry level


Classroom training


Registration fee

The workshop is offered free of charge.

Registered participants who are unable to attend are requested to inform the organisers as soon as possible, to allow others to take their place.

Venue details

CIPA, 95 Chancery Lane
London WC2A1DT


E-mail: onlineservices-events@epo.org

Participants note

Patent attorneys and support staff responsible for filling out forms using the Online Filing software. The workshops are for new users or users with little experience of Online Filing.

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