Crash course patent searching - an introduction to patent information, Espacenet and other EPO search tools

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Starts: 08.11.2013 at 09:00
Ends: 08.11.2013 at 17:00


Vienna, Austria

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This intensive one-day seminar will familiarise participants with the basic principles of the patent system. You will learn fundamental techniques by means of of comprehensive lectures and active discussions. You will aquire focused experience, enabling you to carry out practical searches under the instruction and guidance of experinced trainers, in order to reinforce your newly aquired knowledge.

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This crash course is for people in the industry, SME's, universities, etc. who dont have much time but want to be "kick-started" in a practical, concentrated and efficient way.


 After the seminar you will

- be alert to the basic principles of the patent system

- understand the most important fundamentals to carry out searches

- be able to carry out simple searches in Espacenet  and to retrieve documents and legal status information in related EPO databases


All support material and handouts will be in English. However, all our trainers and our administrative staff are trilingual and would be pleased to answer any questions or give explanations in French or German, too.


Seminar participants are required to pay the seminar fees prior to the course, via credit card or deposit account. The registration for a seminar will be accepted as soon as the payment of the participation fee has arrived at the EPO. You will be notified of this via e-mail.


 Seminar programme can be found here.

Registration fee

The fee for this one day seminar is 270 EUR.

The price for students is 81 EUR (only applicable if student ID is valid over the whole seminar time period).

The fee covers participation in the seminar and includes the participant package with seminar support material, refreshments and lunch.

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Directions on how to reach the EPO Vienna and hotel accomodation.

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European Patent Office

Rennweg 12

1030 Vienna



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