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Start: 01.07.2013
End: 02.07.2013


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Munich, Germany

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This workshop will give you an overview of opposition proceedings before the EPO and the related case law.

The focus is on procedural matters, including appropriate reactions to situations occurring during oral proceedings, such as the hearing of witnesses and the handling of requests for apportionment of costs in opposition proceedings, as well as what (not) to do during oral proceedings.

You will have the opportunity to take part in mock oral proceedings (one per day) designed to let you experience a variety of events in real time, in a variety of roles (also unusual ones, e.g. as a member of the opposition division), with each party supported by a tutor. You will be allocated your roles (i.e. opposition division, patent proprietor or opponent) and provided with preparatory documentation in advance of the workshop.

You will also receive a collection of board of appeal decisions relating to various aspects of oral proceedings.

The workshop is aimed at professional representatives seeking to improve their practical expertise. Basic experience in oral proceedings is recommended. The workshop is not open to EQE candidates.

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After the workshop you will have a better understanding of oral proceedings before the EPO.


You will receive a full set of materials for the mock oral proceedings in advance of the workshop. We recommend that you spend up to a day working on them, as a good preparation is essential to the success of the workshop.

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EUR 800

This fee covers conference material, catering for the whole event and dinner on the first day for one participant. The fee cannot be split and is not refundable if cancellation is requested less than 28 days before the start of the event.


The participants are kindly asked to arrange for their accommodation themselves. Please find more information under Downloads at the top of this page.
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We are supporting the EPO's environmental policy therefore we will not provide any presentation handouts. All event documentation will be made available in electronic form.

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This workshop will also take place on 08.-09.04.2013, 09.-10.09.2013 and 04.-05.11.2013.


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European Patent Office
Erhardtstr. 27
80469 Munich


Professional Representatives Unit
European Patent Academy
European Patent Office
Erhardtstr. 27
80469 Munich
Tel. +49-89-2399 5196

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