EPOQUE Net: The art of efficient searching - Video edition


Start: 30.11.2013
End: 31.12.2013


Distance learning, Germany

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This distance learning course has been designed for patent examiners at national offices and comprises a series of ten recorded virtual classroom (VC) sessions on the use of EPOQUE Net. The VC sessions take place live in the frame of a course for national offices. The recordings of those sessions are made available in the present course for reference to the wider community of users in the national offices. The sessions aim to help to broaden skills of EPOQUE Net users at national offices. Tips and tricks on efficient use of the EPO's professional patent search tool are brought to participants by experienced EPO examiners. Features of any new roll-outs are included in the course.

The course is not tutored.

The course is available as of 15.05.2013. Participants can register to the course any time until 30.11.2013.

Target groups

Staff from national offices of the EPO's member states

Level of expertise



Online training


At the end of this course, participants will have a good understanding of EPOQUE Net and its databases, query language and preparations. Participants will be able to use EPOQUE Net for the performance of their search tasks as examiners.




Basic knowledge of patent search. Access to EPOQUE Net. Experience in use of EPOQUE Net would be an advantage.

Technical requirements: Participants will need a computer with an internet browser and a high-speed broadband internet connection.

Seminar outline

The course is kept open throughout the year. Original series of virtual classrooms spreads along 10 months.
Every VC session takes approximately 1 - 1,5 h.

Venue details

The virtual classroom sessions are scheduled as below (change of dates might occur):
VC 01: 13.02.2013
VC 02: 13.03.2013
VC 03: 03.04.2013
VC 04: 08.05.2013
VC 05: 11.06.2013
VC 06: 10.07.2013
VC 07: 07.08.2013
VC 08: 11.09.2013
VC 09: 09.10.2013
VC 10: 13.11.2013

Individual recordings are uploaded shortly after each session.


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Tel. +49-89-2399-5256
Fax +49-89-2399-5449

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