Drafting written opinions: practice at the EPO


Start: 09.09.2013
End: 15.11.2013


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This distance learning course focuses on the extended European search report (EESR), i.e. the search report and the accompanying search opinion issued by the European Patent Office (EPO) for a European patent application according to the European Patent Convention (EPC). If appropriate, reference will be made to the international search report and the written opinion issued by an International Search Authority (ISA) under the Patent Cooperation Treaty (PCT). It is noted that national patent applications may be subject to different legal requirements, therefore with different scope and content of search reports and/or search opinions.

The course is designed to enable staff of a search authority, such as of National Patent Offices (NPOs) or International Search Authorities (ISAs), to broaden their skills in preparing a search report and the accompanying search opinion. The training will be mainly based on realistic cases in which the entire process of writing a search report as well as a search opinion will be dealt with. Participants will receive feedback step-by-step which will help them to identify the steps in which re-capitulation may be indicated. The level of complexity will increase along the sequence of cases. In addition to five e-learning modules, participants will work on five assignments which will be evaluated by expert tutors from the European Patent Office. Five virtual classroom sessions will allow for direct interaction with the tutors from the European Patent Office.

Certificates will only be issued to participants who have completed the five assignments.

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Staff of national patent offices of states which are not members of the EPO.

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In order to join the virtual classrooms, participants will not need to upload any additional software. They simply need a computer with an internet browser and a high-speed broadband internet connection. Security settings on local Firewalls need to be checked. For more information please see the "VC guidelines for participants" under "Downloads". The use of headsets is recommended.

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The on-line course will be hosted on the Internet and accessible 7/24 from 9 September 2013 on. The virtual classroom (VC) sessions are scheduled as below (change of dates might occur), starting each at 15:00 h :

VC (1): 11.09.2013, 15:00 h CEST (GMT +02:00)
VC (2): 25.09.2013, 15:00 h CEST (GMT +02:00)
VC (3): 09.10.2013, 15:00 h  CEST (GMT +02:00)
VC (4): 23.10.2013, 15:00 h CEST (GMT +02:00)
VC (5): 06.11.2013, 15:00 h CET (GMT +01:00)


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