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Starts: 03.03.2014 at 09:00
Ends: 05.03.2014 at 13:30


Vienna, Austria

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The seminar is a two days and a half day introduction to the PATSTAT database, which was specially designed by the European Patent Office for experienced users of patent information. PATSTAT provides a unique basis for advanced statistical analyses of patent data, opening new opportunities for a sophisticated assessment of new technologies, market trends or the competitive environment. PATSTAT is based on bibliographical data of more than 80 million patent documents from industrialized and developing countries. The database can be complemented by legal status information from over 40 patent authorities worldwide and by data from the EPO Patent Register.

Participants will get familiar with the history of the PATSTAT database, its content and coverage. A general introduction to PATSTAT and the Standard Query Language (SQL) for relational databases is provided, giving insight into the benefits of the PATSTAT database and of patent statistical analyses.

Participants will learn how to install and query the database. Using Microsoft Access and Tableau Software, they will have the opportunity to perform basic patent statistics with PATSTAT and calculate patent indicators.

The seminar provides many opportunities to apply the acquired knowledge as well as to speak to trainers and experts about various areas of patent statistical analyses.

The seminar programme will provide you with a detailed outline of the seminar.

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All support materials and hand-outs will be in English. Our trainers and our administrative staff are trilingual and are prepared to answer questions or give explanations in French or German, too.


Participants will understand the benefits of the PATSTAT database in comparison with other patent information products. They will also gain an insight into the use of PATSTAT and be able to create and interpret statistical analyses performed therewith.


 Seminar participants are required to pay the seminar fees prior to the course, via bank transfer, credit card or deposit account. The registration for a seminar will  be accepted as soon as the payment of the participation fee has arrived at the EPO. You will be notified of this via e-mail.


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 The fee for this two and half day seminar is 745 EUR.
The price for students is 224 EUR (only applicable if student ID is valid  over the whole seminar time period). 
The fee covers participation in the seminar and includes the participant package with seminar support material, refreshments and lunch.

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Directions on how to reach the EPO Vienna and hotel accomodation.

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European Patent Office

Rennweg 12

1030 Vienna



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