Pre-filing searches and consultancy services for local IP centres: Training for trainers


Start: 03.02.2014
End: 07.03.2014


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This self-paced course aims at achieving a better understanding of some fundamental questions to take into account when acting as a trainer or tutor in an IP related (distance learning) course.

The training consists of two main parts:

•    In the first part, the aforementioned questions are considered from a general point of view, i.e. not linked to any particular course. The participants are asked to reflect on the different aspects related to each topic, based on their experience and any scenario they can think of. This first phase will be supported by two virtual classroom sessions.

•    The second part of the training focuses on the material which the participants will later use (in the upcoming course for TISCs) as trainers themselves. This part, named specific part, will require the participants to put the generally addressed questions into the particular context of the building of search capabilities of local IP centres/libraries.


•    Basic questions of learning
•    Relevance and orientation
•    Content quality
•    Understanding Activation
•    Applicability
•    Case study on dealing with real on-line courses

Target groups

Staff of national offices of EPO non-member states.

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Online training


Once successfully completed, participants will be in the position to act as tutors during the subsequent on-line course “Pre-filing searches and consultancy services for local IP centres” which will be hosted by the European Patent Academy.

After the course participants will have acquired a thorough understanding of the questions to be addressed beforehand and during a training to aim for a learning process to take place.


The distance learning course will explain in detail four fundamental questions to be addressed from a training perspective, namely:

•    Why? Ensuring relevance and orientation.
•    What? Ensuring content quality.
•    How? Ensuring an active learning process.
•    What for? Ensuring applicability of learning outcomes.

Both from a general perspective and when using the actual modules for the course on “Pre-filing searches and consultancy services for local IP centres”.


A balanced mix of theory and practice, providing for interactive discussions by means of webinars and an on-line forum which will help to generate new knowledge, clarify open questions and allow for immediately putting into practice the acquired know-how.


Participants should have a minimum of one year experience of patent searching, including searching by classification codes. A good understanding of the patent system is needed to understand the context of patent information products in general. A good command of spoken and written English is required.

Technical requirements:

In order to join the virtual classrooms, participants will need a computer with an internet browser and a high-speed broadband internet connection. Security settings on local Firewalls need to be checked. For more information please see the "VC guidelines for participants" under "Downloads". The use of headsets is recommended.

Seminar outline

Estimated working time:

about 1 - 1,5 h per VC
about 1,5 h for e-learning module
about 3 h for case study / assignment

Venue details

The on-line course will be hosted on the Internet and accessible 7/24 from 3 February 2014 until 30 April 2014. The VC sessions are scheduled as below (change of dates might occur) :

VC (1): 11.02.2014, 15:00h CET (GMT +01:00h)  NEW DATE!

VC (2): 18.02.2014: 15:00h CET (GMT +01:00h) 

VC (3): 03.03.2014: 15:00h CET (GMT +01:00h)


European Patent Academy
European Patent Office
Bob-van-Benthem-Platz 1
80469 Munich
Tel. +49-89-2399-5256

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