Novelty and inventive step (entry level)



Starts: 17.03.2014 at 09:00
Ends: 21.03.2014 at 15:30


Ankara, Turkey

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This seminar provides participants with the basic skills of assessing novelty and inventive step in patent applications. After an overview of the different types of prior art, participants will receive lectures on novelty, including feature analysis of the claims and the prior art, priority and intermediate documents issues, and proof of prior art publication dates as well as availability to the public. Further lectures will be on inventive step, including the problem-solution approach developed by the EPO as a systematic analytical method for assessing inventive step. The lectures will be supplemented by practical case studies and exercises which will provide basic hands-on experience to the participants. The participants will have the opportunity to discuss the cases and related topics with EPO experts during the practical exercises as well as in plenary sessions.
The seminar takes into account the different technical areas of engineering (physics/electricity/ mechanics) and non-engineering (biology/pharma/chemistry).

Target groups

Staff of the NPOs of the EPO member states

Level of expertise

Entry level


Classroom training


• Novelty: analysis of simple sets of claims and prior art
• Different types of prior art
• Different types of electronic documents, such as Internet disclosures
• Inventive step: the problem-solution approach
• A first approach to special cases like partial problems, alternative solutions, implicit features or non essential/technical features
• Other indications of inventive step
• Practical exercises related to assessment of novelty and inventive step


• Presentations on novelty and inventive step
• Group working on practical example cases
• Discussion of participant's own cases


On completion of this seminar, participants will be able to
• perform feature analyses of simple sets of claims and compare the claimed subject-matter with the prior art,
• understand the different types of available prior art documents and electronic disclosures, including the use of documents retrieved from the Internet,
• have a basic understanding of the criteria used in the determination of novelty and inventive step, and
• will be able to apply the principles of inventive step assessment by using the problem-solution approach.


Participants must have a minimum of 6 months search and examination experience and a good command of English, both orally and in writing.
The seminar may be complemented by the participation in the online course OD39-2014 on "novelty and inventive step" which takes place in May 2014.

Venue details

Turkish Patent Institute
Hipodrom Caddesi No: 115
Gazi Mah.
06330 Yenimahalle, Ankara


Ms Gülsemin Bal
European Patent Academy
European Patent Office
Bob-van-Benthem Platz 1
80469 Munich
Tel. +49 (0)89 2399-2575

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