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This one-hour webcast will introduce one topic from the twenty ip4inno modules specifically designed to equip business advisors, TTOs and other intermediaries with an understanding of intellectual property (IP) issues as they impact SMEs and new businesses.

This webcast will be a "taster" for the three 2-day sit-in workshops that will be organised later this year. More information on ip4inno project can be found on the website.

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Patents for life is an emotive topic - the subject of fierce debate and ethical concerns for over a decade. This area of patent law, more than any other, is subject to caveats, provisos and prohibitions regarding what can be patented. Technologies using proteins, enzymes, genes and stem cells stand to benefit mankind with new medical treatments, but the public, law-makers and patent offices nevertheless insist on strict limits to patent exclusivity.

This excerpt from ip4inno Module 6A will explain the European Patent Office's policies for what can be patented and what not, as well as considering the reasons for barring some inventions from patent protection. For anyone who advises companies in the biotechnology or life sciences sector, this VCL is not to be missed!

More information on EPO policy and practice can be seen here.

The virtual classroom tutor will be Rob Chapman, examiner at the European Patent Office.

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